University Librarians’ Association of Sri Lanka

Information Profile

Introduction to ULA

University Librarians’ Association of Sri Lanka (ULA) is a recognized professional organization in Sri Lanka that represents the interests of library practitioners of Sri Lankan university library sector.  All persons, who are serving as full-time permanent Librarians, Deputy Librarians, Senior Assistant Librarians, Assistant Librarians and teachers of a school or department of Library science attached to a University/Campus, are members of this association.



  •  To protect and maintain the professional status interest and welfare of Librarianship
  •  To safeguard the rights privileges and collective interests of the members
  •  To promote the educational and professional advancement of the members
  •  To assist further development of University Librarianship



  • Annual Research Sessions
ULA provides a forum for the communication of research and developments done by university library professionals and opens the doorways to explore the current topics related specifically to university library profession by conducting its Annual Research Sessions each year. Remarkable numbers of research papers were presented at these sessions on various aspects of LIS profession.
  • International Conferences
ULA has conducted International Conferences in LIS seven times during its journey over the years. These conferences open to the international library science community as well as national level. Academic librarians, LIS teachers and researchers, teacher librarians and other LIS professionals came together on one platform to discuss, conceive new ideas and exchange theories and practices.7th International conference was held in 2011.
  • Workshops and seminars
ULA organizes several workshops and seminars for Sri Lankan library professionals during the past to improve their skills in communication, information literacy, research activities and other major skills.
  • Publications
Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka; one of the publication of ULA consists of quality articles from scholars and practitioners in the field of Library and Information Science in Sri Lanka. Book reviews, short papers, and commentaries are also included. Since 1997 altogether 19 volumes were published. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge through  ULA newsletter also published biannually.